• Thank you for your interest in fostering! There are a few different types of fostering, depending on what you are interested or comfortable with. 

    • Adoption Ready - These are bunnies that are ready to go to events. We have 3 events a month but you are not expected to attend every event. 
    • Juvenile Rabbits - Sometimes we have babies in our care who are too young to have spay or neuter and need to stay with momma rabbit a bit longer. These are a bit messy but a lot of fun. Socialization is very important. As they get older, boys will need to be separated from girls. You don't have to keep every rabbit until the whole family is adopted but ideally you would be able to foster for a significant period of time. (Rabbits aren't ready for spay/neuter till 3-4 month of age.)
    • Medical Needs - We would match up your level of experience with the level of care that a medical needs rabbit might have. Sometimes it's just recovering from surgery or some might need medicines 1-3 times a day. We will cover all medical costs but you would ideally be able to drive the rabbit to the vet should it need checkups or other appointments.
    • Sanctuary Rabbits - We have some rabbits who are wonderful loving rabbits but will have special needs for the rest of their lives and will never be fully healthy and adoptable. 

    For all foster families, we can provide hay and pellets, exercise pen, litterbox, and basic supplies. You would be responsible for daily greens as they are purchased so often. If you save your receipts for those items, they would be a tax deductible expense.