We rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome shelter rabbits in Orange County

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Simply wonderful news! Our silly little man Parker was adopted today. He was rescued by one of our volunteers who brought him to safety after someone "set him free". He is a GREAT bunny full of personality and lovability.
Adopted on July 15, 2018



Max got adopted after being in foster care for one year Bittersweet day for his foster parents @bunnylelefarm No one said animal rescuing is easy but by adopting out foster bunnies, it allows us to save more at risk rabbits. Please send warm wishes to Max, his new home and his foster parents which did a MOST EXCELLENT job. They rescued him as a baby and provided a loving temporary home.
Adopted on July 07, 2018



Even though it was a HOT day today, it was super cool for Noodle cause he got ADOPTED! How about a big round of applause for Noodle and his new family? YAY!
Adopted on July 07, 2018



Her foster Mom fell so in love with her that Willow is officially a foster fail.
Adopted on July 02, 2018

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We have just rescued 18 bunnies.

Sugar  Poe Chili Pepper
Chili Pepper

Mia and Mac Milton
Mia and Mac

Nala and Peanut Sadie plus 2 6 Little Buns
Nala and Peanut
Sadie plus 2
6 Little Buns

We need your help! We lack foster homes and our resources are thin. Please consider fostering, adopting or donating. Your support is greatly appreciated! Now the next step is finding forever homes. Sometimes it takes months and months and months to get a bunny adopted. We hope forever homes are found soon. Thank you for your kindness and support!

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