We rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome shelter rabbits in Orange County

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Gizmo is officially adopted! He went home with his new Momma today and she took next week off work just to snuggle him and get him settled in his new space.
Adopted on May 18, 2017.



We saw you were on the short list at the shelter because of your twisted leg and we knew Save SomeBunny had to save you. You came to our home as a foster and you were scared and did not want to eat. We worried about you every night. We worried about you every day. We force fed you. We tried different pellets, different hay, baby food, anything to get you to eat. I ran you over to Kim's for fluids. We checked on you 100 times a day it seemed like. We gave you love and gained your trust. You finally knew you were safe and began to eat, we were ecstatic! You needed your twisted leg amputated and came out of the surgery with flying colors. You healed quickly and now nothing can stop you. You love to play on the couch and give your mamas kisses. You love your human and dog sisters. You are Moana and we are very happy to say you are a foster fail and have found your forever home. You will never need to feel scared or unsafe again...we promise.
Adopted on May 11, 2017.

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Please help if you can!
We have just saved 2 bunny from being euthanized from a HIGH KILL shelter.


Plus 2 rescued!


We need your help! We lack foster homes and our resources are thin. Please consider fostering, adopting or donating. Your support is greatly appreciated! Now the next step is finding forever homes. Sometimes it takes months and months and months to get a bunny adopted. We hope forever homes are found soon. Thank you for your kindness and support!

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