• If you can't foster but would still like to help, below are a few other things you can do for the bunnies. 

    • Donation Drive

      Collect newspapers, sheets, towels or blankets from your neighborhood, school, church, etc.
      We can also go through a lot of white vinegar for cleaning and the bunnies always appreciate toys.
      Donations of gently used carriers and exercise pens are also welcome. 

    • Adoption Event Helper

      Adults and children over the age of 15 are welcome to come to our adoption events and help out. We would love assistance with setting up a little before noon, visiting with or grooming our rabbits during the day, or helping pack up at 4pm. You can contact us in advance so we know to expect you. We would prefer a parent stays with their child for at least the first visit. Experienced rabbit owners can also help talk to potential adopters and answer questions. 

    • Talk about Bunnies!

      We can always use help spreading the word about how awesome bunnies are, as well as the work involved in properly caring for them. Many people don't even realize that rabbits end up in the shelter and that it's much better to adopt than shop. If you visit us at the events, feel free to take pictures and tag us on social media.