• Meet Our Sanctuary Bunnies

    Even if the path is not an easy one, we are committed to their care. 
    They deserve happiness and security despite their physical limitations.

    Davey, Noa and Jillibean

    Fallyn and Maisy

    Journey was rescued by @lillys_legacy_foundation at the end of 2018. She is a sweet small bunny with both back legs splayed.

    If you would like to sponsor Journey, please donate at savesomebunny.org. Your donations will help with food, meds, vet bills, pee pads, toys, hay, blankets, etc.

    Mr. Moo and Scrabble

    Mr. Moo and Scrabble are happy sanctuary bunnies who met in foster care. They will only be available to bunny savvy people since Mr. Moo has a digestive issue called megacolon.

    Quill and Tempe

    Quill and Tempe have been in foster care for a few years now. They need eye drops several times a day and, at this point, we consider them sanctuary. They’ll get all the care and attention they need for the rest of their lives with us.


    Neo is a very happy and outgoing bun who just loves a good bunny massage. He was rescued with headtilt. The dizziness and nystagmus have subsided but he’s still very tilty. When he’s in his pop up pen, he treats it like a banked oval track and gallops around super fast and confident! He needs to be picked up gently and held close so he doesn’t get disoriented but he does enjoy a nice petting session on the sofa. He’s very fond of kisses! Neo has been in foster care since July 2021.


    Cleo is a gentle but determined little bun. She has an odd gait but very much likes to run and hop on things. She enjoys being pet and has a grand time adventuring and running in the garden or in the living room. She loves to lounge on her little bed in the sunshine. We lovingly call her the Poo Poo Princess because she drops her poops pretty much everywhere in her pen. She was rescued with an EC granuloma in one eye that was quite aggravated so we had it removed. She has been in foster care since Nov 2020. She’d be a darling companion for someone who doesn’t mind a bit of extra pen cleaning.