• Mac and Mia are two great big goofballs. They are all over their foster mom’s lap at breakfast time so that’s the time for practicing putting two hands on their sides and getting accustomed to being picked up. They are very nervous and skittish and really need a calm, quiet home where they can learn to trust their human and develop a nice, consistent routine. They are very big bunnies and very fond of chewing so they’ll need lots of things they should sink their teeth into so they don’t chew up the things they shouldn’t. They’re an absolutely gorgeous pair of bunnies that would be very rewarding to see grow calm and confident in the right setting. 

    Mac and Mia were born at a farm and were raised by a student enrolled in a farming education program. They were destined to be auctioned off at the OC Fair as livestock but got lucky and came to Save SomeBunny instead.