• About Oscar

    Can you believe this??? Animals are not disposable. This rabbit is not trash!

    Oscar was found by someone in the trash under some rubble. He was brought to another man who contacted us to see if we could help. His back foot is quite broken. For now he's on pain meds and is safe and warm and eating well. He's very calm and friendly. Seems like he was clean and well fed before things went very wrong in his life.

    Update: He went to the Vet on March 19. The leg has a bad break with multiple fractures. Amputation is the best way to proceed. Before the surgery, he must be on antibiotics, pain meds and a splint to heal his soft tissue. "Tripods" can live a long, healthy life. Animals are amazing at adapting to adverse situations.

    April 2 
    Oscar just had his leg removal surgery today. He is a little groggy but the surgery went well. The break area was pretty infected, despite the antibiotics so very good we got in there and removed the bad parts.

    July 21 
    Three legged Oscar is showing us that being a tripod bunny doesn't slow him down. He has healed nicely and is now waiting for his forever home.

    Aug 27 
    Oscar had a romantic garden date with Ginny today!

    Sept 11 
    Oscar and Ginny are now a boned pair!


    About Ginny

    Ginny is a lovable, bossy, indomitable girl who will steal your heart and then steal your lunch. She likes to hop on the bed and lick her foster dad's face until he gives her pellets. She's a brave girl and will hop up and down the wood steps in her foster house, especially if she thinks it will get her fed sooner. She loves head pets and food, not necessarily in that order.

    Ginny came to us with a blocked tear duct. We've been treating it and are making great progress. Lops can be particularly prone to this because of the geometry of their cute little short faces. While in foster care Ginny fell in love with Oscar. Having a pair is nice because they will groom each other and help keep the eye area clean and dry.

    Please note: She is a bunny with special-needs.


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