• We are a foster based rescue and have no facility. Once you fill out an application, we will discuss with you what you are looking for and set up an appointment at one of our foster homes to meet rabbits. Depending on who you are interested in meeting, same day appointments may be available. Due to Covid-19, we ask that you wear a mask and we will do the same. 

  • The first step in adopting a new rabbit is to fill out our Pre Adoption Form. This will give us an idea of your experience level with rabbits, what kind of personality you might be looking for and give us an opportunity to answer any questions you might have about rabbit care. There are some things you will want to consider before choosing to adopt a rabbit. 

    • Rabbits are very social creatures. Will someone be home to interact with the rabbit? 
    • A pair of rabbits will keep each other company when the humans are away. 
    • Pairs are more content, less bored, less likely to be destructive, and about the same amount of work. 
    • Rabbits have a life span of 10 or more years. Will you be able to provide a home for that duration? 
    • Rabbits need space to stretch out, run, jump and play. A cage isn't an adequate living space. 
    • Rabbits do chew, so some rabbit proofing will be necessary. 
  • What are the adoption requirements?

    Whomever will be responsible for the rabbit should come and meet the bunnies in person either at an adoption event or by appointment at one of our foster homes. If the rabbit is for a minor, we want to be sure one or both parents are interested in the rabbit as there are no guarantees that children will stay interested in a pet or be able to keep them as they move into adulthood. 

    From there, we can answer any questions you may have and advise on care and housing. We want to make sure you are happy with your choice to get a rabbit as well as with the particular rabbit or rabbits you choose. 

    Once you've decided if a rabbit is the right pet for you and you've found some bunny to love, we have a simple adoption application for you to fill out. Then, once you pay the adoption fee, we will give you your new family member(s) as well as any records they may have. 

    We encourage all our adopters to let us know how their new family members are doing. We see many of our former fosters on Instagram and Facebook and can't tell you how happy it makes us! We are always available to answer any questions that adopters may have as they get to know their new bunnies.

  • Adoption Fees

    Adoption Type Fee
    Single Rabbit $60
    Rabbit Pair $100