• Our mission is to alleviate the homeless rabbit population in Orange County, CA by education, by promoting spay and neuter, and by helping bunnies find wonderful furever homes!

  • We are doing the happy dance!

    Minnie was at the local animal shelter for months. She was on the "at risk list" . No one showed interest in this sweet, shy, ruby eyed white rabbit. Save SomeBunny scooped her up and put her into a [...]

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    It is a great day for Logic!

    Logic and her siblings were born while in foster care. Today Logic found found her new home and Dad. We are so happy for this little girl. Bittersweet for foster parents but such a great adventure [...]

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    What a lucky day for Velvet and for Boo!

    Velvet was part of a colony of domestic rabbits that has grown up in Huntington Beach as the result of dumping. The colony is on the grounds of an elementary school, in a small farm section. It has [...]

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