• Our mission is to alleviate the homeless rabbit population in Orange County, CA by education, by promoting spay and neuter, and by helping bunnies find wonderful furever homes!

  • Beulah Adopted her Foster Mom!

    Beulah was rescued from that dreaded cactus garden July 15.2021, we thought she was older and blind.So confused, hot summer day, left to die. Now she is spayed, getting shiny fur, eyes not [...]

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    Marcie and Rerun got adopted!

    It is a double fail for Marcie and Rerun's foster Mom. Congrats!!!

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    Mr. Butters is a foster fail!

    We are so happy that Mr. Butters is a foster fail. His foster Mom loved him so much that she had no other choice but to adopt him. He will definitely be living his best life! Congrats!

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