• Our mission is to alleviate the homeless rabbit population in Orange County, CA by education, by promoting spay and neuter, and by helping bunnies find wonderful furever homes!
  • Today was Toffee's adoption day!

    Toffee was adopted today. This little one was born in May 2020 right after we rescued pregnant Cadbury from an Anaheim neighborhood.

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    Happy gotcha day Yosemite!

    My Mama Amelia was rescued from an Anaheim neighborhood and then I was born 5.20.20 at Save SomeBunny along with Hamilton, Stewie and Ube.Today I have a new home, new human Mama and a new life [...]

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    Beautiful Amelia now has a family to love.

    Rescued from an Anaheim neighborhood in May 2020, gave birth shortly after to 4 beautiful babies and now she found her forever home. Isn't she gorgeous? Congratulations Amelia and new Mom, Kathy![...]

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