• Our mission is to alleviate the homeless rabbit population in Orange County, CA by education, by promoting spay and neuter, and by helping bunnies find wonderful furever homes!
  • Happy new beginning for these beauties.

    Remember The Floofs Iida, Momo and Deku? Well foster family kept Iida along with their other furry baby. And now Momo and Deku found their forever home. Deku has a new name of Toast! Cute name [...]

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    Beautiful Josie got her furever home today!

    Beautiful Josie got her furever home today! She really seemed comfortable with her new hoomin and was booping and putting her feet up on their lap. So happy for both of them!

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    Yippee for Rover!

    Oh...Happy day! Little Rover was adopted today. Do you think bunnies are the cutest thing ever? We do!

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