• Foster Process

  • Since we don’t have a facility, we rely entirely on spaces in foster homes. Our rescue takes in bunnies that need medical care, socialization, or have just run out of time at the shelter. Some bunnies are just too young for the shelter. Many very sweet REW’s (red eyed white) face euthanasia just because they take longer to find homes for. 

    As a foster parent, you need to provide a safe space and spend adequate time with your foster rabbit. We provide ex-pen, litter box, bowls, hay, and pellets but you need to buy greens since they are purchased so frequently. Anything you purchase yourself is tax deductible. Any veterinary care is covered by the rescue and we are available for any questions you may have. 

    We also like our foster parents to take pictures and videos of their bunnies so we can post updates on social media and adoption websites to help promote interest in each of the rabbits. Healthy rabbits who are old enough to have their spay or neuter can go to PetSmart events. We have 2 events in Tustin and one in Aliso Viejo every month. You won't need to go to every event as there's not room for all the bunnies we have in our care anyway. 

    Ideally, the rabbit stays with you until adopted, but it may take some time. A small, friendly, healthy rabbit will generally get adopted the quickest but there’s no guarantees. We can bunny sit your rabbit if you have a short vacation but we may need more time to find a space if you suddenly decide you can no longer foster.

    If you would like to meet the rabbits and talk about fostering in person, see our calendar for when we are at PetSmart events. Sometimes the events can be a bit hectic so you might have to pet some bunnies and hang out for a little while. It will give you a good idea of what it’s like as a foster parent hoping to get your little one adopted. 

    The first step towards becoming a foster parent is to fill out an application. We will contact you to discuss your rabbit experience and what type of rabbit you are interested in fostering.