• I found a bunny, can you take it in?

      If the rabbit is a domestic rabbit (not the little wild, native cottontails) we recommend taking it to your local shelter, provided the shelter that serves your city is safe. We are adoption partners with Irvine Animal Shelter and Orange County Animal Care Center, which means they will contact us and other rescues in the area if a bunny ill or at risk of euthanasia. Our role, as a rescue, is to be there for the most at-risk rabbits who have no other options. If we skip the shelter and take in every healthy cute rabbit, we will have no room for the rabbits that are sick or injured or have just run out of time at the shelter. 

    • Can you help me find a friend for my bunny?

      Absolutely! First, we require that your bunny be spayed or neutered. It takes about a month for the hormones to subside after a rabbit is fixed. Rabbits will typically bond most easily with a rabbit of the opposite sex. They don't necessarily care if the other bunny is a certain color or size. Two male rabbits will sometimes bond. Two females is the least likely match as they tend to be the most territorial. We can arrange for some eligible rabbits to be at the next PetSmart adoption event or we can arrange a speed dating session at one of our foster homes. Please fill out an application and let us know if there are particular rabbits you're interested in meeting first. 

    • I can't keep my rabbit, will you take it?

      We understand that you want the best for your rabbit. If there is any way we can assist you in keeping the rabbit, we'd be happy to help. If not, please keep in mind that the shelters are staffed and open 7 days a week and will find your bunny a home faster than our small, in home, volunteer based shelter possibly can. They will screen applicants and advise on care requirements. It is safer than giving away your pet on Craigslist. On a case by case basis, we sometimes help owners place their rabbits if they agree to foster the rabbit. Please keep in mind, this still takes a potential adopter away from our already overfull foster homes and we simply might not be able to assist, depending on currently available resources. 

    • What does the adoption fee cover?

      All of our rabbits are spayed or neutered. At $60 for a single or $100 for a pair, it's a win for adopters as these surgeries can cost as much as $400 for a private party. We also feed, house, and provide any necessary medical care for each rabbit until they find a forever home.