• Dutch was purchased from a swap meet at eight weeks. He had a damaged left front leg. On March 5th, Dutch’s leg was amputated. He is recovering well! He was able to run and jump the day after surgery, and it seems like he is happy to be rid of it. He is bright and curious and loves to be pet and snuggled. He is also fearless — he likes to play with the cat and run up to bother the older bunnies! He is going to make a wonderful pet!

    Note: Dutch is our fourth “tripod”, joining Cooper, Kevin Bacon, and Moana the therapy rabbit. And Oscar is now our fifth! Tripods can live long, happy, healthy lives.

    Update: When handsome Dutch moved in next door, Amy started to flirt with him. They played together during exercise time and now it is official, Dutch and Amy are a bonded pair!


    Amy and her six siblings were born at a shelter in July, 2017. Nursing mothers don't belong in a shelter, so we were asked to take them.

    Amy is a shy girl but she is also curious and smart. She will allow you to pet her but she doesn't like to stay still for too long. She is nervous in new situations but once she "learns the ropes" in a new place she is very interactive and interested in what the rest of the family is doing. Dutch is helping her to overcome her fears. She is a very lucky girl to have such a sweet boy as her mate.

  • Call us about Dutch and Amy (949)554-9007 #ID 1962