• On Jan. 10, 2020 close to 300 bunnies
    (Maybe more if females are pregnant) were taken into OC Shelter from another hoarder case!

    We wish we could save all the OC Buns at the shelter but we are a small group with no facility. All our buns live in foster homes and we have been beyond capacity for over a year. The OC Shelter @ocanimalcare is stretched thin with the surge of intakes.

    Situations like this are humbling. Education is key. Spay and neuter your rabbits and do your research before adopting any pet.

    Please note we saved 3 Moms-
    Sora (all 4 babies passed)
    Luna (2 babies survived)
    Miso Honey (4 babies survived)

    Your donations to Save SomeBunny for the OC buns is going to good use.

    If you would like to help, you can donate here on our website.
    We are collecting funds so they will directly impact the bunnies vs going to a general shelter fund.

    Thank you for your support!