• Dandelion

  • Poe

  • Poe and Dandelion are super cuddly until there’s food involved and then they are ornery little thieves that will snatch from each other! They both enjoy being pet and will squish together and flatten themselves while you stroke both their heads. Dandelion likes to hop on her little Ikea doll bed to make it easier to reach down and pet her. Poe is a master of making the most pitiful sad bunny face so his foster mom will let them out of the pen for whole house run around time. 

    Poe was one of 8 orphan babies that came into the shelter at about 3 weeks old, too young for the shelter so Save SomeBunny took them into foster care and they were hand fed formula and got lots of love and attention as they grew up. Dandelion was being boarded while her owner had surgery but due to the owner’s ongoing medical issues, she made the decision to relinquish.