• Jinx will stand up with his paws on the fence and his cute little pot belly poking out and give you that, “Pet me, please?” look. He can’t flatten out fast enough in preparation for being pet and is content to be pet for as long as possible. He’s a real cuddle bug once he knows you but, as with most bunnies, you have to let him do it at his own pace. He can get spooked if he’s not sure what you’re coming after him for but, once he realizes it’s to pet him or give him treats, he’s totally cool. He’s very good with his litter box and only sometimes throws his toys in the water bowl. 

    Jinx and his 7 siblings came into the shelter as three week old orphans. Save SomeBunny took them in and their foster mom hand fed them formula till they were old enough to be weaned. They’ve been handled a lot and are very friendly. They were born around the end of July, 2018. Their foster mom was struggling to decide on names for all 8 babes but they needed names for their records when they were ready for spay and neuter. It happened to be the end of October, so they all got Halloween themed names!