• UPDATE 10.8.19. Look at her now. Around 3 weeks ago she was dumped in a park locked in a cage. A large abscess on her cheek due to teeth infection. Even though Save SomeBunny is way beyond capacity, we had to find room to squeeze Astra in. Foster mom Kim and Dr. Kumar @bakerbristolpethospital are doing a wonderful job in helping her heal. Healing takes time and can be costly. Save SomeBunny is a small 501c3 non profit organization that would appreciate any support you can provide. Thank you. We are grateful for any amount.

    Update: 9.30.19 Cannot believe the transformation in Astra’s cheek abscess/teeth issues. We are thankful to all of your that are sponsoring Astra, sending well wishes and good thoughts. All this positive energy is helping her heal.
    Pictured is Dr Kumar @bakerbristolpethospital
    You can see her kindness and love of animals in this photo. Thank you for caring Dr Kumar and staff!

    Warning: Difficult image! (Our apologies for the graphic nature)

    On 9.23.19 Astra was left in a cage in a park to die. She had a horrible abscess on her cheek due to a tooth issue. Although Save SomeBunny is well above capacity, we had to squeeze her in and get her immediate vet care. We are hopeful for a full recovery but are guarded because abscesses can be stubborn.!