• Save SomeBunny’s mission is to rescue, rehab and re-home. When finding forever homes for the bunnies we do adoption counseling, rabbit ownership education and follow ups to make sure the bunnies are the right for the humans and the humans are the right fit for the bunnies. We encourage people to do their research on what it takes to own a rabbit. Some may think it is easy “Just put them in a hutch in a backyard and throw it a couple of carrots now and then”. Well, rabbits are NOT low maintenance pets. We advocate indoor/house rabbits, cage free if possible (if not, minimally an x-pen in the house with SUPERVISED out of pen free time). Rabbits have sensitive systems and require proper diet. An attentive rabbit owner will see the signs of illness or injury and handle with proper care to let them enjoy a long life of 8-12+ years.
    Here is an example of very nice bunnies, not finding their forever home at the first try. No fault of their own, they were returned.

    Brothers born to Momma Coco in 11.2017 named Mischka & Versace. Adopted 4.2018 & renamed Cash & Money. Family emergency forced the couple to move far away. They were heartbroken to return them. Re-adopted 6.2019 and days later the new owners found they were allergic. We suggested changing hay types but that did not work. Then on 7.6.19, a couple of brothers adopted these brothers. We hope Cash & Money have found their forever home. Our goal still remains to find the perfect fit. Sometimes bunnies come back to us due to unforeseen circumstance, lack of commitment, boredom, living situations, health of humans, etc. We would rather them come back to us for a second or third chance than to be “set free” or treated with neglect or cruelty. Please do your research before considering a rabbit and please know they are living creatures that require love, attention, care & money and years of commitment.
    Cross your fingers, toes, eyes that Cash & Money found the perfect fit and they will live long, healthy, happy lives with their new brother Dads.

    Grayce found a new boyfriend and Dad. Roger did a little speed dating at our last adoption event. After meeting a few gals it looked like this was the best match.  Enjoy your happily ever after Grayce!