• Tabitha, Hazel and Ellie are a bonded sister trio. Tabitha is the glue sister. She's the most likely to both groom and be groomed by the other two. She's got the most subtle markings and the most sweet personality. Hazel is the sister with a little more coloration than Tabitha. She's the adventurer and the trouble maker. If the girls are out for their run time, she's the first to venture out and the most likely to tease the bunnies still in their pen. Elvira has the sassiest eye markings. She is close with her sisters but spends more time alone than the other two. For this reason, we've introduced her to single boy bunnies and she has done well on dates but then she seems to do poorly with the boy once her sisters aren't around and ends up coming home and integrates right back in with sisters.
    It's really quite beautiful to see the three little girls together, especially when they all jump on top of their box to make it easier for you to reach down and pet them. It's such a rare treat to have three bunnies together but usually it's only people who already have a bunny who recognize how special it is to have a bonded trio!