• Spice's Momma arrived at a local shelter on 9.7.18 and on 10.3.18 she gave birth to 4 babies. Shelters do not keep babies because it is a longer time commitment, so we were asked to take them.

    Spice was adopted, but her Humans have let her down so she came back to us. Her new foster parents promised to shower her with love. to earn her trust and never break it. They promised that her life will be filled with yummy foods, a warm and soft bed, and so much joy and comfort. Until she goes to her forever home, and even after, they will still be her family.

    Spice has learned that the hands of her foster parents bring soft head rubs, long back massages, and once a day, a delicious treat. She's been doing zoomies and binkies and flopping with joy. Spice seems so grateful for the little comforts. We hope she understands that she deserves every bit of it.