• Snickers has a natural underbite. He came to us with his lower incisors so long they were jabbing his upper gums! There was no hope of improvement so we had his upper and lower incisors removed. Now that his gums have healed he feels great. He can eat almost everything.

    Snickers loves the luxurious life of a house rabbit. He enjoys short hops to the fridge and long head rubs. He's looking for a special someone to call his own and has so much love and kisses to give!


  • Snickers has a severe underbite and his teeth were overgrown to the point that he was having trouble eating. Once he settles in and gains some weight we will probably have his incisors removed.

  • UPDATE 3-27-2019: Snickers had a tough day. Incisors (teeth) removed and neuter surgery. Please send well wishes for a speedy recovery.

  • UPDATE: 4-7-19 A month has changed this little man. His front teeth have been removed, he is neutered and as you can see he has gained weight and his fur is smooth and shiny. Snickers is still recovering from recent surgeries but will be looking for his forever home soon. If you are interested in meeting Snickers, please email [email protected]