• Ginny came to us in Jan 2017 because she was in the shelter and had eye issues that weren't clearing up. 

    In July 2017, Oscar was found in a dumpster with a broken leg and we promptly took him in. They were clearly sweet on each other so we bonded them once Oscar was neutered. He does a great job helping keep Ginny's eye clean. 

    Ginny's eye is much better than when she came to us but her tear duct is never going to drain normally so it will always need some amount of attention. While Oscar does a great job keeping the area clean, her human needs to check it daily, massage any gunk out the top of the tear duct, put an eyedrop in, and assess if it needs any ointment for eyelid inflmamation. The drops are daily and the ointment is usually about once a week.

    She's a little thin around her spine and has been getting supplemental soy protein in her diet. We mix it with a couple of blueberries or a blackberry and she eats it like a treat. Raspberries were rejected as not-food. 

    She had a previous surgery to relieve pressure in her ear canal from gunk and swelling. She has a stoma at the base of one ear so that the build up can work its way out. Her other ear is getting an antibiotic ear drop once a week to try to keep it in check. Her ears are very sensitive and she's not keen on having them swabbed. Lops are a problematic breed and are much more prone to these kind of issues. 

    Lastly, we really don't know how old Ginny is. Ginny came into the rescue Jan 2017 and was definitely an adult at that point so she's probably between 5-8 years old. 

    Right now Oscar just needs help cleaning his ear. He really, really likes having it scratched and cleaned so it's just the difficulty of getting in there while he's wiggling and leaning into it. About once a week it needs swabbed out but he loves to have a finger in there to gently scratch it daily. He is at risk of early onset arthritis because of the missing leg and needs to maintain a healthy weight to avoid undue stress on it. He should also always have good surfaces for traction under him. 

    They are pretty messy in their foster home. Most bunnies will have much better potty habits in a home with fewer other rabbits but since Ginny is getting older and Oscar only has three legs, their current setup is a potting tray with a washable pee mat instead of a four sided litter/hay box and washable pee mats for the flooring along the fence line. They particularly like to go in the corners where they can see other bunnies. 

    They need a foster who has time to clean and also time to spend interacting with them as they are very social, fun bunnies. Ginny will occasionally pinch with her teeth if you're cleaning instead of petting her! It doesn't draw blood but it's an unpleasant surprise. We usually let them run outside the pen for cleaning time. Ginny's eye needs someone who can monitor and identify changes and who is comfortable with eye issues. They need good secure footing under them, especially Oscar. While a textured tile floor would be easier to clean, it would be too difficult for them to move on. They should have checkups twice a year, more often if there are any changes or health concerns.