• Sometimes we do not know the history of a rescued rabbit. In this case, Nibblet was at the Orange County shelter. He was scared and bit a staff member, and the shelter decided that he could not stay there. We took him in and his foster Mom is working hard on gaining his trust. Bunnies are not aggressive by nature. But they will defend themselves. Shelters have zero tolerance for nipping/biting and that could be a reason to euthanize. (unless a rescue group steps up to take them in). Rabbits are vulnerable. They are small, prey animals and a shelter environment can be noisy, full of different smells, larger animals, small cages and many people touching and grabbing at them. Often when they get in foster homes, their personality changes. They may start out defensive but in time, they learn to trust. It takes a lot of patience, time and love.

    Nibblet is sometimes a little grumpy. Occasionally he can be protective of his area and may lunge or give a little grunt to let you know to give him some space. He would do best in a quiet home. Once a bunny feels safe and trusts you, it can be such a fulfilling human/bunny relationship.