• What's better than one cuddle bunny? Two cuddle bunnies! Cash and Money are very handsome, sweet bonded brothers. They will give bunny kisses to their favorite people and will gladly sit on laps for petting. They are easy to hold, although sometimes they would rather be exploring! 
    We took them in at six weeks (they were Versace and Mischka then) and they were adopted when they were old enough. Sadly their humans had a family emergency that forced a long-distance move and they couldn’t take their beloved bunnies with them. So Cash and Money are looking for another home to love and pamper them!


    About Cash

    Cash is sweet and cuddly. He likes to snuggle into your neck and give bunny kisses. He is very bonded to his brother Money so they need to stay together. Cash grooms Money and follows him like a puppy.

  • About Money

    Money is sweet and mellow but still likes to run and play. He loves his brother Cash and they need to stay together. Money is bigger than Cash and protects him.

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