• Momma Nicki and daughters Wrigley & Sunny were adopted today as a trio! Yep, a trio of girls which is highly unusual.

    Here is their backstory:
    Nicki was found in an Orange County park on 1.31.19. It was a thunderous rainy day and this little bunny was left to defend herself. Scooped up and taken in she was extremely social and even tempered. Named Nicki since she was found just in the Nick of time. Four days (Super Bowl Sunday) later she gave birth to 3 babies. Two black and one gray. Sadly, on the 5th day little Fiver did not make it. But the other two thrived. Going back and forth “it’s a girl, no a boy, maybe a girl, I cannot tell….” it was finally known they are girls. All three are bonded as they hang out in the corner where the babies were born. They all have similar personalities but Nicki still remains the most social. Because they get along so nicely we felt they must stay together to enjoy their lives. Aren’t they the cutest?