• Please send healing thoughts as little Rain continues to recover. If you would like to make a donation to help with her medical costs, please click to donate.
  • The shelter contacted us because they had a rabbit come in with what looked like a broken leg. It turned out to be a birth defect. While it wasn’t painful, it did stick straight out and make it awkward to hop about. We made the decision that amputating it would give her a better quality of life. She’s got such a sunny personality despite her difficult start in life, we named her Rainbow, or Rain for short.

    Update: 4-11-19
    Rain is out of surgery and doing great. Her foster mom used a hair scrunchie to restrict her access to the incision without hindering her ability to eat food and water and access cecotropes. She’ll have a bald hip for a little while where they shaved for the surgery. She’s doing well and making lovely little bunny poops!