• The shelter contacted us about a bunny who couldn’t use his legs. The shelter relies on rescues like us to take in medical special needs rabbits so they don’t have to euthanize. We took him to our vet for x-rays and determined that his back was broken in two places! The injury was recent because there was still a lot of swelling. Despite all he had going on, Ollie has just the sweetest disposition! He is also very determined to move around and do things and Save SomeBunny is determined to help him. It’s such a struggle for him to get around but he never stops trying. He is limited to a smaller space to keep him from overdoing it and injuring himself further. We are hopeful he will get a little more movement as his back heals and the swelling goes down. Not sure if he will hop again. At least he is alive and enjoying love and attention.

    Update- 4-14-19
    We knew he still had spirit in him. He is NOT out of the woods but making great progress.Sweet Ollie is now starting to HOP!

    Medical bills are adding up with vet visits, x-rays, medications, etc. If you would like to support Ollie, any amount is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support!