• Humans can have some common misconceptions of what having a rabbit means. Before you take that first hop and bring a rabbit into your life, I have a few questions for you to make sure you know what you’re signing up for. Make sure you know the honest answers before make that final leap into being a bunny parent!

    Olaf’s Questions for Adopters

    • Are you committed to take care of a bunny for 8 to 12 years? That’s a lot of years in which you might change your living arrangement and bunny should still fit in your future life!
    • Will you keep bunny indoors like a family member? We need a home safe from predators and we shouldn’t get too hot in our fluffy fur coats. Under 80 degrees, please.
    • Will you give a bunny regular attention? We try to hide when we don’t feel well so you have spend enough time with us to notice when we seem a little off. Plus, we love getting head pets!
    • How much time are you away? If we have a bunny friend, we won’t be alone for hours and hours. Save SomeBunny has several wonderful pairs to choose from!
    • Are you sure no one in your household is allergic to bunnies or bunny food? The majority of our diet is hay and we eat a lot of it: a bundle the size of our bodies every day!
    • Will you make a salad every day? And change the water bowl?
    • Will you provide 2-3 hours of exercise time daily? It keeps us happy and healthy and it’s a good way to see our personalities. And our binkies!
    • Will you provide things bunnies are supposed to chew on? Chewing files down our constantly growing teeth. We’ll make do with furniture and baseboards if that’s all we find.
    • Will you bunny proof a space? We just can’t resist snipping electrical cords. It might have been, “Don’t chew that!” yesterday but maybe today it’s fine…
    • Will you change the litter box every day or two? There will be regular cleaning needed for the whole area. Hay and fur and oops poops won’t sweep themselves!
    • Will you brush bunny’s fur, especially during shedding? Which, by the way, we do 2-3 times a year. You’ll need a lint brush or two!
    • If bunny gets sick, are you willing to go to an exotic animal vet? We need someone that understands our unique rabbit health and it can be expensive.
    • Will you learn to handle and pick up bunny carefully? Young humans especially need to learn to be careful. Picking us up wrong can result in broken bones or worse for us and scratches for you.
    • Will you be mad if bunny tells you how they feel with a nip? We can’t bark or meow so we communicate with our teeth.
    • Are you looking for a cute little bunny just for Easter? Please don’t choose me. I need you to want me every day for years to come.

    Thanks for reading all my questions!

    About Olaf:

    I work hard to be a voice for other rabbits.

    My motto is: No Bunny Left Behind!

    And remember, Let every day be A Great Hare Day!