• Tempe and several other rabbits were dumped in a local park and were rescued when the neighbors noticed and contacted us. The rabbits were all very sweet and seem to have been well socialized. Tempe was being treated for an eye injury and we didn't realize she was already pregnant. Two weeks later she gave birth to 6 adorable baby bunnies. Tempe's eye has healed nicely and she may even have a little vision in it. One of her daughters, Quill, has remained very close with her momma so they are available for adoption as a bonded pair. Both are sweet and curious and like being pet.

    Quill and her 5 siblings were born Sept 11 in foster care when one of the bunnies we rescued from a park turned out to be pregnant. They've all been handled since they day they were born and are very friendly and easy to handle. Quill has always stayed very close to momma bunny, Tempe. They need to be adopted as a bonded pair.

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    Back Story- Backstory of buns

    Current Needs- Deeper explanation of health problems

    Foster Requirements- What would make a foster the right fit for these bunnies? This would be beyond the general and obvious requirements.