• Cinder is the mother of daughters Ember and Smudge and one son, Soot. Cinder and Ember are the friendliest and most outgoing. They are the first to jump in your lap when it’s time for breakfast pellets. Soot and Smudge are a little more jumpy but do enjoy being pet and will come and visit you if you allow them to be curious and approach on their own. Letting the four of them run around the house for playtime is very entertaining and their acrobatics are very impressive. They could be adopted in pairs or a single could go home to be an existing rabbit’s buddy. We’re reluctant to send a single bunny to a home when they’ve grown accustomed to being part of a group. All bunnies are social and will be happier with the company of another bunny and is also likely to grow lonesome when they are suddenly alone. 

    Cinder was left behind in a backyard when her owners moved. There were holes under the fences where she could sneak into one neighbors vegetable garden and tease another neighbors dogs. The neighbors had tried to reach the previous owners but, when three little babies appeared from the burrow, they knew it was time to find a rescue to take in the family.