• Our mission is to alleviate the homeless rabbit population in Orange County, CA by education, by promoting spay and neuter, and by helping bunnies find wonderful furever homes!
  • Ace Adopted!

    May 12, 2019 | Cher Kosakura
    Ace Adopted!

    Ace was adopted by a bunny loving family. He is already falling in love with Stormi (formerly known as Gabbana) that was adopted from Save SomeBunny in February 2018. This little man has such a fun [...]

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    Elvira found a boyfriend!

    Elvira was rescued from a shelter as a baby with 7 other siblings. Ellie has the most distinct markings of the litter. She's extra pretty and she knows it! Bandit was adopted from Save SomeBunny as[...]

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    Congrats Winchester and Nova!

    Winchester and Nova are siblings who were rescued by a kind lady. They are so cute playing and snuggling together. We are thrilled that they were adopted together! Congrats sweet buns! Adopted on[...]

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