• Momma arrived at a local shelter on 9.7.18 and on 10.3.18 she gave birth to 4 babies. Shelters do not keep babies because it is a longer time commitment (typically until they are spayed/neutered—4-6 months). Also the elements and stress of a shelter can risk the baby’s life.
    Update: Pepper Potts, Pumpkin and Spice have all been adopted. Momma Belle and Baxter are now a bonded pair and must be adopted together.

    About Belle

    Belle means beautiful! She is a bit shy who loves her son.

    About Baxter

    Baxter is now one. He is a sweet boy who loves his Momma. Since he is part angora rabbit, his fur grows long and gets matted. This becomes unsightly but also painful.  He is looking for his forever home that will brush him often and give him tons of hugs and kisses.